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Nanoboot Software

This is the complete list of Nanoboot packages:

Category Name Code Name Licence Description Status Stars (0-3) Documentation
essential Nanoboot Web nanoboot-web Website IN_PROGRESS
essential Nanoboot Java Format Checkstyle nanoboot-javaformat-checkstyle Checkstyle rules encapsulated into a jar file RUNNING
essential nanoboot-parent Maven parent for Nanoboot projects RUNNING
power power-framework collection of multi-purpose Java libraries STALLEN
shapes circles Clone of “Color Lines” written in C# IN_PROGRESS
shapes Color Lines Clones color-lines-clones Java web app with the collection of Color Lines related websites and other materials RUNNING ⭐⭐⭐
shapes Color-shapes-engine engine for game Color Shapes (“Color Lines” clone) RUNNING ⭐⭐⭐
shapes Color Shapes Desktop color-shapes-desktop Color Shapes for desktop STALLEN ⭐⭐⭐
shapes color-shapes-server Color Shapes on server TODO
shapes color-shapes-client client for Color Shapes Server TODO
shapes color-shapes-web Color Shapes for web TODO
shapes color-shapes-console TODO
shapes color-linez-desktop Color linez reimplementation using Java and JavaFX TODO ⭐⭐⭐
shapes color-linez-Web Color linez reimplementation using HTML, CSS and JavaScript TODO
tools password-generator DONE
tools db-migration Versioning database schema STALLEN
tools nanodata Encyclopedia application STALLEN
octagon octagon multi-purpose management system STALLEN
octagon octagon-plugin-task STALLEN
octagon octagon-plugin-person STALLEN
octagon octagon-plugin-development STALLEN
octagon octagon-plugin-devops STALLEN
octagon octagon-plugin-encyclopedia STALLEN
octagon octagon-plugin-graph STALLEN
tools Dog DONE
tools Bit Backup TODO ⭐⭐
tools Ftps DONE
documentation Nanoboot General Documentation DONE
infrastructure Nanoboot Infrastructure DONE
tools Asset Manager DONE
tools Nanotask TODO
tools Fenix TODO
games Simulife TODO
forks Fork of JForum TODO
tools Application Preferences Manager (APM) TODO
tools time-calc DONE
tools Task Libre task-libre Fork of GTD-Free STALLEN
tools Net Box net-box TODO
games Libre Blupi libre-blupi TODO ⭐⭐⭐